Online exams (2024)

The exams in 2024 will be held in the same way as they were in 2023.  You will use a purpose-built exam application, Exam4, on your laptop or desktop computer.

Even if you have sat using Exam4 before, you must watch the updated videos and read the guidance.  There may be some changes to Exam4 that you need to be aware of.

The Online exams are Open book, allowing you to refer to any books, study manuals, pre-prepared notes and online resources.  

You can sit the exams at a location of your choice, such as your home or office, but you must sit alone.


How will I get the link to download Exam4?

The link to download Exam4 will be emailed to candidates approximately four weeks before the first exam. Make sure to regularly check the ATT Exam Noticeboard for more information regarding the exams.

You have to download Exam4 ahead of each exam session. Exam4 has a specific version for each set of exams in May and November each year. If you have sat an exam previously using Exam4 you will still need to download the latest version of Exam4. Note - every session there may be changes to Exam4, so you must watch the guidance videos ahead of every exam.

Equip yourself with all the information you need to confidently sit your exam by reviewing all the information below, including watching the guidance videos.  

Online Exam Regulations

You must read, and comply with, the Online Exam Regulations:

Online Exam Regulations

Exam4 IT Specification

You must have a device that is suitable to use Exam4 - review the Exam4 IT specification below and practice well in advance of your exam day, using the exact set up and same device that you will be using on the day of your real exam.  

Exam4 IT specification

How to use Exam4 - Guidance Videos

You must watch all the guidance videos before the day of your exam. 

Click below to watch the videos and read the associated guidance on using Exam4.  

Using Exam4 - Guidance videos

Exam Day Guide

Click below to access the Exam Day guide.

Exam Day Guide

What else should I look at to familiarise myself with Exam4?

You must download, install and practice the full end-to-end process using Exam4 before your exam day to ensure you are familiar with how the app works.  You must practice using the same device as you will use on the day of your exam.

See the guidance below to support you during the Online exams:

You should also review the Online Exam FAQs.  Click below:

Online Exam FAQs

Common errors candidates make when sitting the Online Exams

The key to sitting your Online Exam successfully is having practiced multiple times using Exam4 before the day of your real exam.  You will be able to practice the end-to-end process by using the "ATT Viewable Question" from the Course list in Exam4.  You can use this as many times as you wish to practice typing, using Tables, submitting a dummy exam and so forth.  

We have outlined some of the common mistakes candidates make in the Online Exam FAQs.

About Exam4 

Exam4 is used by a number of leading universities and institutions across Europe and North America.

Used by thousands of students since we introduced it for the ADIT qualification in 2014, it has a proven track record for reliability and student satisfaction: ADIT and ACA CTA Joint Programme students who have used it say their experience has been very positive.