ATT Apprenticeship

End-Point Assessment

Changes to ATT Level 4 Apprenticeship from June 2024

We are pleased to announce that ATT will work in partnership with 1st AWARDS from June 2024 for the Level 4 Professional Tax Technician Apprenticeship. 1st AWARDS have transformed the accountancy End Point Assessment process with their communication, feedback and reducing assessment turnaround time whilst always keeping the apprentice at the heart of the End Point Assessment process. 1st AWARDS have been completing End Point Assessment for accountancy L2 and L3 for up to three years and are excited to work within the taxation sector.

For more details about 1st AWARDS and the End Point Assessment process, please contact your tuition provider. Further information can also be found on the 1st AWARDS website


NCFE is withdrawing as a registered EPAO for this Standard from July 2024.

This will not affect current funding arrangements. Tuition providers can access apprenticeship funding on behalf of employers for apprentices’ tuition for the ATT exams.