Certificates of Competency


What are Certificates of Competency?

The ATT recognises that individuals may only wish to pursue knowledge in a specific area of taxation, without completing the ATT qualification or becoming an ATT member. This certificate demonstrates that you have met the ATT’s knowledge requirements in a specific area by successfully passing ATT exams, ATT Papers 1 - 6. Certificates are not available for the Computer Based Exam passes.

Certificate of Competency holders - purchased before December 2019

Through periodic changes and reviews, Certificates of Competency were subject to a recent update. If you are a holder of a Certificate of Competency that has an expiry date, this will remain valid until 31 July 2021 unless it is due to lapse prior to this date. If you plan on becoming an ATT member you must pass the remaining papers in order to complete the ATT qualification requirements by the date of expiry.

If you decide that you do not want to complete the ATT qualification, once your Certificate has lapsed, you can request the current new style Certificate of Competency which will be valid indefinitely (this will be free of charge). Please note that although this new Certificate will not expire, it will not extend any passes or the student registration period.

Am I eligible for a Certificate of Competency?

You must meet the following criteria before applying:

  • I have a valid ATT exam pass (gained within the last three years)
  • My ATT student registration is valid (within five years of registering)

If I apply for a Certificate of Competency, can I still complete the ATT qualification?

You can still complete the ATT qualification even if you have purchased certificates as long as your passes are valid and all requirements have been met within your five year ATT student registration period.   

How long is a Certificate valid for?

Once successfully applied for, a Certificate of Competency is valid indefinitely.

How much is a Certificate of Competency?

£50 per exam (ATT papers 1-6).

Will ownership of one or more Certificates of Competency allow me to use ‘ATT’ in my title?

No. Only successful completion of the ATT qualification and a successful application to become a member permit this.


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