HMRC publications

Agent Update

The Agent Update publication is a bi-monthly round up of the latest developments in tax, HMRC service and consultations. It also includes the latest updates on Working Together (the partnership between HMRC and a range of professional bodies including the ATT) and any other key areas of concern.

Employer Bulletin

The Employer Bulletin is a bi-monthly round up of the latest developments on payroll issues. It is aimed at employers as well as agents.

HMRC Junior Tax Facts

HMRC's Junior Tax Facts is a pack of exercises to help introduce children to the subject of taxation. The ATT is encouraging members to support teachers at their local school by going into the classroom and using their knowledge and experience of tax to bring HMRC's materials to life. You can find more details and an example lesson plan on our dedicated Junior Tax Facts page.

HMRC Digital Services Updates

Each month, HMRC provides an update on its digital services to the Virtual Communications Group. Updates include the latest on topics such as:

  • MTD and MTD pilots
  • The Agent Services Account
  • Cybersecurity
  • The Trust Registration Service
  • VAT Reverse Charge on Building and Construction services

Updates from the last few months can be found below.

Digital Services Update April 2020

Digital Services Update March 2020

Digital Services Update February 2020

Digital Services Update January 2020

Digital Services Update October 2019

Digital Services Update September 2019

Cyber security – 50 questions to ask your IT provider

HMRC have provided us with the a list of '50 questions to ask your IT provider'. These questions are intended to promote conversation between small to mid-sized tax agents and their IT providers to support a strong cyber security culture within their business.