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Exam4 guidance and videos 

All of the guidance for using Exam4 for the 2022 exams can be found here.

This includes the videos for the new Tables functionality in Exam4, outlining how to use them for computational questions.  

Click here to see an example of an answer script that uses the new Tables functionality.  As you can see, the answers are not always lined up perfectly in the columns, but the answers are clear for the examiners in all questions. 

What's new with Exam4 for November 2022?

The only change will be the ability for candidates to choose how wide they want the left and right hand side of the screen to be.   We know some candidates have been frustrated at not being able to choose how wide the answer box is compared to the question paper., so from November 2022 you will be able to do this. 

A guidance video will be available here in due course to demonstrate how this works.

You must practice using the Exam4 software.  Do this by using the ATT Viewable Question from the Course List in order to familiarise yourself with how Exam4 works.

You must watch all the Exam4 guidance videos.  Even if you have previously sat using Exam4, you still need to watch all the guidance videos.  The videos have been updated for the May 2022 exams to reflect the changes to the software, especially the new Tables functionality.

Main errors made by Candidates during the May 2022 exams

See the Online Exam FAQs for information on the main errors made during the May 2022 exams.  

Looking at what errors were made previously is the best way to prevent you making the same mistakes for your exam in November 2022.

Exam entry for the November 2022 exams

Click here to see when exam entry opens.

ATT Exams in 2023

These will remain open book and sat in candidates’ appropriate choice of location, remotely monitored via candidate’s webcams.