ATT Exam Noticeboard

Candidate instructions for the May 2024 exams have now been sent out. Please check all available folders in your inbox if you believe you have not received this e-mail. If you are still unable to locate your candidate instructions then please contact us.


Exam entry for May 2024 

Exam entry for the May 2024 exams is now closed.

We are not able to accept any further exam entries for the May 2024 exam session.

Entry for the November session will open in mid June.


ATT Certificate Exams - Format change from 2025

From May 2025 exams there is a change to the format of the ATT Certificate exams. The two main changes are: 

  • There will be no shortform questions
  • Accounting and Law will no longer be included in the Certificate exams. These subjects will continue to be examined via the Computer Based Exams (CBEs).

Further details can be found here

Main errors made by Candidates during the previous exam sessions

See the Online Exam FAQs for information on the most common errors candidates have made with their Online exams.  

Looking at what errors were made previously is the best way to prevent you making the same mistakes for your exams in 2024.