The maintenance work planned to upgrade HMRC's online services, which was postponed, will go ahead this weekend.

HMRC have provided a further informal update on the postponed upgrade to online services, guidance on the Tax Agent Stretegy and Gift Aid repayments.

The maintenance work planned this weekend to upgrade HMRC’s online services has been postponed due to technical issues.

UPDATE 10/10/13 - HMRC MAINTENANCE POSTPONED - see ATT alert of 10/10/13

HMRC have provided the Association with details of an Issue briefing on the subject of the High Income Benefit Charge. This can be found here.

HMRC have provided a further informal update regarding RTI, the Employer Bulletin and details of further 0300 and 0345 telephone helplines.

We have received a few enquiries around why some of the necessary supplementary pages are omitted each year from the paper Self Assessment tax returns for individuals. Members have queried why pages are not supplied for all ongoing sources of

HMRC have provided an update on the costs of tax evasion and the hidden economy to the British taxpayer.

HMRC are planning to hold workshops in Birmingham on the afternoon of Thursday 26 September and in Edinburgh on the morning of Friday 4 October. (There might also be a workshop in Leeds on the afternoon of Thursday 12 September.)