A further informal update from HMRC.

HMRC have suggested a pragmatic solution for companies that only have an open PAYE scheme because they reimburse benefits covered by a dispensation and would otherwise be drawn into submitting a periodic online Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have updated the April 2013 Pilot Employer Supplementary Update to clarify the obligations on employers using HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools to make year-end submissions.

HMRC have provided another informal update regarding the Employer Annual Return deadline, an April 2013 Pilot Employer Supplementary update and an update on the online reporting for Expenses & Benefits.

The May 2013 ATT examination results are now available and can be found here

There have been a few queries around how to correct errors made on an FPS, eg to correct an under reported amount of pay or deductions.

The HMRC RTI Programme has produced some further guidance, which agents and employers might find useful, on when to complete Employer Payment Summaries (EPS).

HMRC have provided Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE pilot employers with a further update for pilot employers (ie those using RTI before 6 April 2013), who need to submit an Earlier Year Update (EYU). The functionality to do this using HMRC’s

Following queries from members and other employers, HMRC have produced a document setting out an explanation of error messages which may arise when using HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) software and what to do to correct the submissions.

The CIOT/ATT Working Together team has raised with HMRC’s Debt Management and Banking (DMB) team some member concerns around unannounced visits from Field Force Officers (Collectors for Debt Management). HMRC have agreed to implement some changes