HMRC have provided an update on avoiding late payment interest, late CIS payments, electronic messages amd guidance on Employment Allowance.

HMRC provided an update on keeping up to date and interest on late payments.

Tax professionals are calling on the Government to provide assurances that it is not going to start selling taxpayers’ data. The ATT is also pressing for a firm assurance from HMRC that robust safeguards, with legal redress, will be put in place

HMRC have provided the following information about a new agent dedicated line for Debt Management and Banking launched today.

HMRC have provided information on launching more taskforces throughout this year using information on offshore accounts.

HMRC provide information on the changes to Inheritance Tax.

HMRC have provided an Agent Update on the Budget, HMRC Service Delivery and avoiding RTI penalties.

HMRC have provided information on contacting HMRC, correcting RTI submissions, CIS deductions, the Employer Bulletin and subsistence allowance.

HMRC have provided information on Business Tax Dashboard, NIC's Employment Allowance, PAYE tax codes and completing P9D's.

HMRC have provided a further update regarding RTI avoiding penalties.