Agent Update 42, June – July 2014, has been published. This is available to download here in PDF format.

HMRC have provided an update on the 2013/14 penalty warning letter, EOY iForm, the employer bulletin and IR35.

HMRC have provided an update on closing a PAYE scheme, draft guidance on promoters of tax avoidance schemes and a reminder to pay PAYE/Class 1 NIC's.

HMRC have provided an Agents Strategy update.

HMRC have provided an update on issuing penalty notices, advisory fuel rates and the compliance handbook.

Clause 54 of the 2014 Finance Bill mandates that the current tax treatment (Capital Gains Tax relief)1 of the final 36 month period of ownership will only be available on disposals after 6 April 2014 if the taxpayer is disabled or in a care home

HMRC have provided an update on improvements on the Business Tax Dashboard, improvements to the Charities Online Dashboard and tax responsibilities.

HMRC have provided an update on avoiding late payment interest, late CIS payments, electronic messages amd guidance on Employment Allowance.

HMRC provided an update on keeping up to date and interest on late payments.

Tax professionals are calling on the Government to provide assurances that it is not going to start selling taxpayers’ data. The ATT is also pressing for a firm assurance from HMRC that robust safeguards, with legal redress, will be put in place