HMRC provide information on the changes to Inheritance Tax brought by the Finance Act 2013.

HMRC have issued a leaflet providing information for taxpayers and their agents about what to expect when a member of HMRC visits to collect outstanding tax. The links below enable you to access the leaflet and also additional information

HMRC have provided an informal update including tips on sending in CIS repayment claims and information on developments relating to employment-related securities.

In this edition HMRC provide an update on the Tax Agent Strategy, guidance on managing the Self Assessment deadline on 31 October and information on the relaxation of reporting arrangements for small businesses.

The ATT is pleased to report that the fix put in place to allow Employers to change the status of their PAYE schemes under RTI to ‘annual’ seems to be working.

HMRC have provided another informal update on RTI, online end of year expenses and benefits service and a summary of responses to the consultation on 'Supporting customers who need extra help'.

HMRC have provided a further informal update regarding RTI, PAYE for employers, new helpline telephone numbers and a toolkit to minimise common errors to assist agents.

HMRC have provided a further informal update on RTI, the new online end of year expenses and benefits service and information on P11D(b) forms.

HMRC announce a new campaign to encourage the submission of outstanding returns.

HMRC announce a concession for late filed end of year PAYE returns, forms P11D, P11D(b) and P9D, where it has not been possible to submit due to failings in the online filing service.