Online exams (2021)

If you have entered for the exams, you will be typing your answers. To plan for success, you should familiarise yourself with the method before your exam day. Find out more below.

Even if you have sat using Exam4 before, you must watch the updated videos and read all the guidance.

Online Exam Regulations for 2021 using Exam4 

You will use a purpose-built exam application, Exam4, on your laptop or desktop computer. You can sit the exam at a location of your choice, such as your home or office.

Equip yourself with all the information you need to confidently sit your exam by reviewing all the information below, including watching the guidance videos, and familiarise yourself with the Online Exam Regulations below:

Online Exam Regulations

Exam4 IT Specification

You must have a device that is suitable to use Exam4.

Review the Exam4 IT specification below and practice well in advance of your exam day, using the exact set up you will use on the day of your real exam.

Exam4 IT specification

How to use Exam4 - Guidance Videos

You must watch all the guidance videos before the day of your exam.

Click on the link below to watch the videos and read the guidance on using Exam4:

Using Exam4 - Guidance videos

Exam Day Guide

Click on the link below to go through the step-by-step Exam day guide:

Exam Day Guide

How will I get the link to download Exam4?

The link to download Exam4 will be emailed to candidates.  This will be approximately 4 weeks before the first exam and check the ATT Exam Noticebard for more information, , as this will tell you when the emails have been issued.

You only need to download Exam4 once, even if you are entered for more than one paper. 

Please note that you have to download Exam4 at each exam session - they are different for May and November each year, so even if you sat in May 2021, you will need to download the new version for the November 2021 exams.

What else should I look at to familiarise myself with Exam4?

The following guidance is available to support you during the online exams:

You must download, install and try out Exam4 before your exam day - using the same device as you will use on the day - to ensure you are familiar with the app ahead of your exams.  

You should also review the Online Exam FAQs.

About the Exam4 app and new features for the 2021 exams

The most significant change for 2021 is to the way computational questions can be answered and you can now insert rulers so to create a visual guide outline your answers. 

Please see an example here, which shows how a best practise answer could be presented.  This is a simple feature to use that will be fully explained in the guidance videos. 

To give you an idea of how the same answer could be presented slightly differently by using one less column, please see a second example here.

The Exam4 app is used by a number of leading universities and institutions across Europe and North America.

Used by thousands of students since we introduced it for the ADIT qualification in 2014, it has a proven track record for reliability and student satisfaction: ADIT and ACA CTA Joint Programme students who have used it say their experience has been very positive.

More information for 2021

Please note that the exams will be:

  • Open book (meaning candidates are able to access legislation, their tuition manuals, HMRC manuals, or any other material as they wish to);
  • 3 hours and 30 minutes in length, which is consistent with the exam time that was granted for the November 2020 exams.

You can access the Online Exam FAQs here.

Exam Dates

The exam dates can be found here.

Enter for the ATT Exams

Existing Passes

The ATT Examination Steering Group met shortly before the end of 2020 and considered measurers to assist students in the continuing pandemic. Under the circumstances it was agreed that it would be appropriate to grant one further extension (being another six months) to the life of all ATT exam passes, including Computer Based Examinations (CBE) passes.

This has been added automatically to all current student records and will be reflected on your Exam Dashboard. Please note that this will be the final extension to the validity of passes and that from the November 2021 exams normal rules and deadlines will return.