Agent Forum

The new Working Together Agent Forum has now gone live. Here's how to get involved and why you should do so.

If you have any feedback on the Agent Forum, pleaseatttechnical [at] (subject: Working%20Together%20Agent%20Forum) ( e-mail )us.

What is the Agent Forum?

The idea of the Agent Forum is simple - agents can report problems with HMRC systems, processes etc. on the forum, and other agents can comment and contribute. HMRC monitor the forum and can immediately start looking into the issues, identifying whether these are client-specific or potential widespread issues. The Issues Overview Group (IOG) then review potential widespread issues to determine whether these should be moved to current (that is actual) widespread issues and then agree with HMRC to allocate a Working Together reference number and a priority rating. HMRC take up the issue with the relevant business area, whilst encouraging further responses from the agent community if required.

So, the key advantages of the forum are twofold:

  • First, it gives the agent community an opportunity to report problems to HMRC in real time
  • Secondly, it enables agents to see whether the issues they are experiencing are also being faced by others, and what is being done about them.

How to join the Agent Forum

Joining the Agent Forum is a simple, two-stage process. The Agent Forum is hosted in a private area solely for agents on the HMRC Online Forum. Therefore, you must first be enrolled on the HMRC Online Forum (step 1) in order to access the Agent Forum (step 2).

Step 1

Go to the Agent Forum website:

  • Click on 'Register' in the top right hand corner of the page
  • Read and (if you are content) click 'I agree to these terms'
  • Complete the following details:
  • User (your forename and surname)
  • E-mail address (please use your assigned work e-mail address that identifies your firm/organisation, or the e-mail address you have used to register for Digital Working Together (if so registered)
  • Create and confirm a password
  • Press 'submit'

Step 2

Having completed Step 1, you then need to request access to the private Agent Forum. You do this by e-mailing theagentforum.wt [at] ( agent forum )with the following itentity information:

  • Your forename and surname
  • Confirmation of assigned work e-mail address
  • The name of your firm/organisation
  • The name(s) of your professional body(ies)
  • Your professional body registration number/reference

Once you've e-mailed HMRC, they will be in touch to confirm your acceptance. After this you will have access to the new Agent Forum from the original link at Step 1.