Videos and audio

Here you can find a selection of video and audio content produced by the ATT. The videos cover the following areas:


Educational videos for children/young people


What is Tax



What does your Payslip mean?



Different types of working



The wonderful world of VAT




ATT Qualifications


ATT Foundation Level Qualifications



ATT Transfer Pricing Qualification






Volunteering for tax professionals



Benefits of being an ATT member



HMRC's Agent Forum - top tips for members


Links referenced in the video: Working with HMRC 

Volunteering with the ATT



A closer look at volunteering - the ATT Technical Steering Group





Educational videos for taxpayers


Claiming tax relief for common employment expenses


Links referred to in the video:


Tax relief for homeworkers


Links referred to in the video:



Past ATT students share their experiences

Listen to past ATT students share their experience of studying for the ATT qualification.





Careers in tax

Hear from ATT members about their career in tax, and where the ATT qualification has taken them


Our technical team in the media 

On 5 April 2023, our technical officer Helen Thornley appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live to talk about the new tax year.  A recording of the show is available on BBC Sounds.

Helen made another appearance on Money Box Live on 4 November 2023 to discuss how rising interest rates can give rise to tax liabilities for savers. The recording is available on BBC Sounds, with Helen appearing from approximately 9 minutes in.