Why Tax?

Tax won’t disappear

Tax is one of those unavoidable facts of life. It affects everyone so there will always be a need for tax professionals regardless of the state of the economy.

What roles are there in tax?

  • Compliance - this is the paperwork side of tax. You will be completing tax returns for your clients and ensuring you meet the deadlines for submitting the information to HMRC. At the beginning of your career you will probably focus on this area of tax.
  • Tax Consultancy - this is the problem-solving side of tax. You will need a detailed knowledge of the (often complex) tax legislation so you can make sure your clients' finances are tax-efficient.

Jobs are in every sector and industry

Taxation Technicians are employed by professional services firms, accountancy firms, tax specialist firms, in businesses, banks, by charities and in the public sector. Depending on the size of the organisation for which you work, the tax department may vary in size from one individual (you!) to several hundreds of people.

Choice of which kind of tax you want to focus on

  • Corporate tax - managing tax for companies or large corporations

  • Personal tax - managing tax for individuals
  • Indirect tax - this is all about tax on goods and services such as VAT

Within each of these there is the opportunity to specialise in specific areas of tax.

Flexible study and exams

The ATT written examinations can be sat on a modular basis and are available twice a year. The computer based examinations can be sat at any time.

Career progression

Studying for the ATT qualification and becoming a member provides the opportunity to progress from a tax trainee, to a tax senior, to a tax manager with corresponding increases in salary and responsibility. You may also move into a business consultancy role.

Broaden options for the future

Your ATT membership can open the door to other finance qualifications.

Become part of something

You’ll join a membership body of like-minded students and members who will provide a network to support you, your job, your technical learning and your professional development.


With a membership of over 9,000 the Association of Taxation Technicians is the leading professional body for those providing tax compliance services and related activities in the UK.

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