Career options

Tax professionals work in a wide variety of areas.

Accountancy firms

Accountancy firms need experts in all financial areas including tax. In larger firms tax is a separate business split into areas such as corporate, private client, VAT and pensions. The work in smaller firms is usually less specialised but more varied. Roles in all firms are client-facing.

Tax consultancies

These firms tend to deal with niche tax issues either directly for clients or to support non-specialist advisers. They offer tailored advice and tax planning for special tax situations.

In-house finance departments

Tax professionals working in major companies become fully engaged with their employer’s business and provide expertise in a variety of tax areas such as planning, risk, reporting and compliance.


The main role of HMRC is to ensure individuals and companies comply with tax laws and pay the right amount of tax. The role involves investigative work and representing HMRC at tribunals.


Self-employment usually means combining tax compliance with a range of accountancy and financial services to individuals or companies.

Taxation Lawyers

Law is an indirect route to a career in tax but many tax lawyers take professional tax qualifications.

Education and training

Experienced professionals can develop their careers by helping others pass their taxation examinations. There are opportunities in both corporate training companies and the education sector.

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