Press release: New Foundation Qualifications in tax launched by ATT

The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) has launched Foundation Qualifications in Personal Taxation and Business Taxation.

These two new Foundation Qualifications sit alongside the Foundation in VAT Compliance, (previously known as the ATT VAT Compliance Diploma), which means the ATT now offers foundation level qualifications in the main areas of tax.

The qualifications will be attractive to companies looking to invest in junior members of staff and to people who work in tax, such as bookkeepers and other professional staff who provide tax services.

Each of the three Foundation Qualifications is split into four manageable modules relating to that specific subject. The qualifications are studied and examined in these four distinct sections, with module exams, followed by a final exam.1 The ATT estimates that each Foundation Qualification can be completed in approximately three months.

The new Foundation Qualifications have been launched in partnership with Tolley.2

ATT President Graham Batty said:

“We are pleased to launch the Foundation Qualifications as part of our wider aim to promote education and the study of tax administration and practice.

“The Foundation Qualifications are ideal for anyone looking to study the fundamentals of the UK tax system. We hope the Foundation Qualifications will act as a springboard for many students to go ahead and study for the full ATT qualification.

“The ever increasing size of the tax code and the heightened debate among the public about taxation makes a good understanding of the principles of tax as set out in the Foundation Qualifications absolutely vital to people working in financial services. For example, the qualifications will be attractive to accountants wishing to enable cross-department secondments in order to help the tax team during busy periods.”

Registration for the Foundation Qualifications are now open.

Notes for editors

  1. More information about the Foundation Qualifications can be found here. The exams are to be taken online. Re-takes are allowed of the modular exams and final Certificate Examination, although the questions will vary in a re-take.
  2. With proven successful tax training from tax specialists, Tolley provides all the tools students need to pass the Foundation Qualifications. Tolley has worked closely with the ATT in the preparation of the study material and syllabus.
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