New HMRC tax campaign launched

At the end of November, HMRC launched a new tax campaign targeted at helping taxpayers to identify when they are being offered a tax avoidance scheme and suggesting steps for them to take if they have concerns about whether they should enter into it.

HMRC has shared the following information about the ‘don’t get caught out’ campaign with us:

“HMRC has launched the ‘Tax avoidance: don’t get caught out’ campaign. The campaign is about helping people make informed choices about their tax affairs, so they aren’t tempted by avoidance schemes that promise higher take-home pay, only to be left with unexpected tax bills.

These schemes are marketed through word-of mouth and online price comparison-style websites to contractors. We want them to be better informed about the consequences of avoidance and to help you support your clients, customers and members. The ‘Tax avoidance: don’t get caught out’ page contains guidance and personal stories so contractors can educate themselves about the signs and dangers of tax avoidance schemes. We would be grateful for your support in signposting the landing page to those who are currently contractors or are looking to become one. 

We have also published the 'Use of Marketed Tax Avoidance Schemes in the UK' report, which brings together information about the numbers and characteristics of taxpayers using avoidance schemes.

It includes the types of schemes most used, occupations, locations and the declared incomes of those involved. We are doing this so we can make sure the people most likely to be offered tax avoidance schemes fully understand the risks, and will be working with local stakeholders to get that message across.

Alongside this, we are also announcing a joint piece of work with the Advertising Standards Authority that will enable us to more quickly remove misleading online advertisements offering avoidance schemes.”

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