Joining the MTD for ITSA pilot

HMRC have shared the following update with us regarding joining the Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self-Assessment (MTD ITSA) pilot.

“As we progress the MTD ITSA pilot it is important that we manage it in a controlled way so that we can test and expand effectively. So, from 9th December, customers will only be able to sign up for the MTD ITSA Pilot through their software provider (in essence how it is currently happening). As we expand the pilot, this will enable HMRC and developers to ensure that all customers entering the pilot (and their agents where applicable) receive the support and guidance that they need.   

Customers who are already participating in the Pilot can continue to do so.  

HMRC will be sharing more detail in early 2022 including the Pilot outline plan which will include a roadmap identifying when various customer types will be eligible to join MTD ITSA. MTD also continues to work on the Customer Support Model to support customers more come into the service from April 2022.” 


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