Tax Pathway Benefits


Students following the Tax Pathway do not have to pay for the Awareness exemption.

Early qualification

The Tax Pathway provides an integrated route to both the ATT and CTA qualifications.

Students can ‘unlock’ and start studying the CTA Online Exams once Core Knowledge 1 has been completed.


Students can choose which of the ATT Online Exams they sit at Core Knowledge 1 (as no papers are mandatory) and match these choices with their Advanced Technical papers and Application and Professional Skills (APS) question.  There is complete flexibility in the combination of sitting an Advanced Technical paper with an APS question.

No previous academic or professional qualifications required 

However, in order to pass the examinations a reasonable standard of English and mathematics is essential. Students will also need to provide a referee.

Events and conferences 

Access to branch events and our conferences.

Tax Adviser

Subscription to Tax Adviser online, the online journal from the ATT and CIOT, which includes technical articles, current tax notes, digests of cases and news from the ATT and CIOT.  A hard copy of the Journal will be sent after two years as a registered Tax Pathway student.


Discounts on CCH and Tolley’s Tax Legislation