Branches may enter into sponsorship agreements with selected parties that can help to further the charitable and educational interests of both bodies. These agreements aim to add value to CIOT, ATT,  their members and the sponsor's profile.

Sponsorship usually involves the payment of a fee for the right to be associated with an activity or branch event. Branches are encouraged to seek and engage with relevant sponsors to support their event programmes. This may be for a single event such as a conference or annual dinner, or for a whole season of branch events.

Branch sponsorship can be used in two ways

1. Sponsorship in kind

The branch requests support in lieu of payment for a benefit such as gratis room hire or refreshments for an event.

2. Financial sponsorship

The branch charges a fee for the right to be associated with an activity or event. In return a sponsor receives a set of benefits such as a banner stand or literature to raise the sponsor's brand profile, or the opportunity to engage directly with members such as making a short presentation, networking or providing a speaker.

Selecting a sponsor

There are no specific criteria and branches can determine the appropriateness of a sponsor. However, useful guidelines to consider are:

  • Relevance to the professional tax environment
  • Demographic relevance
  • Status and ability to support the sponsorship agreement.

File Branch Sponsorship Template 2017