Policy on five year student registration period

After careful consideration, the ATT has decided to remove the option for students to re-register once their initial five year registration period has lapsed. This means that all ATT students registering from 1 June 2019 will have five years in which to successfully complete their written ATT papers and the three Computer Based Examinations required for membership. Any exemptions must be applied for during this five year period.

Those who were registered prior to 1 June 2019 were contacted and an extension added to their period of registration.

This policy is being introduced to discourage students from failing and re-sitting examinations multiple times over many years. The ATT not only has a duty of care to students so that they do not incur costs with little chance of ultimate success but also to protect the public by having a rigorous examination system. Students will be allowed as many attempts as they wish within the five year registration period but will not be permitted to re-register and so must successfully complete the ATT qualification within this time if they wish to become an ATT member. Five years is considered a sufficient period to accommodate normal life events, however, it is understood that occasionally students may have mitigating circumstances which means completion is not possible in this timeframe. Any students in this position are asked to contact [email protected] with a brief explanation of their circumstances and a panel will review this to consider whether a short extension will be permitted. Please note that students may be asked to provide evidence of their mitigating circumstances.