Certificates of Competency

What is a Certificate of Competency? 

When you have passed one (or more) of the three written taxation papers you can apply for a Certificate of Competency. This demonstrates to potential employers and clients that you have met the ATT’s knowledge requirements for that specific area of taxation.

Or, if you haven’t passed all the exam papers within the five year student registration period required for membership you can apply for a Certificate to ensure you do not lose that initial pass (a pass being valid for three years). 

Am I eligible to apply for a Certificate of Competency?

If you have passed one of the ATT written papers within the last three years you are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Competency in that paper. You can apply for a Certificate within three years of being notified of passing a paper.

If you do not apply for a Certificate within the required timeframe and the pass in a paper lapses then it will be necessary for you to re-sit the paper. 

Am I able to renew a Certificate of Competency?

A Certificate of Competency may be renewed for any number of three-year periods providing you have completed the required Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Please note that holders of a Certificate of Compentency will need to record their CPD and may be asked to provide evidence that they have done so. For further information about CPD, please click here.

Second and subsequent Certificates of Competency must be applied for before the expiry date of the existing Certificate. 

How long does a Certificate of Competency last?

A Certificate will be valid for a three year period, expiring three years after the date of passing the paper. The date of passing a paper shall be taken as the last day of the month following the month in which the results were released. 

How do I apply for a Certificate of Competency?

The Certificate of Competency application form can be downloaded here

If you have any queries please certofcomp [at] att.org.uk (contact us)