Certificates of Competency

When you have passed one (or more) of the three written taxation papers you can apply for a Certificate of Competency. This certificate demonstrates to potential employers and clients that you have met the ATT’s knowledge requirements for that specific area of taxation. Please note that you must satisfy all the membership requirements in order to apply for membership of the ATT. For further details about membership please click here.

How long does a Certificate of Competency last?

Once awarded, a Certificate of Competency does not expire.

How much is a Certificate of Competency?

A Certificate of Competency will cost £50 per written paper.

Am I eligible for a Certificate of Competency?

You can apply for a Certificate of Competency if you have:

  • a current ATT student registration
  • passed a written paper


If you have any queries, please certofcomp [at] att.org.uk (contact us).