Obligations as a Retired Member of the ATT

You have told us that you are eligible for the retired rate subscription.  We know that some of you continue to provide tax advice and services on a pro bono basis. To avoid any confusion we thought it would be useful to set out your key obligations as a retired member.

Compulsory Professional Development (CPD)

If you are working in a voluntary capacity your work may still bring you within the CPD regulations as the voluntary work must be carried out with due regard to the technical and professional standards expected of an ATT member.  The CPD regulations and guidance notes provide helpful further details.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

If you are providing your services in a personal capacity on a pro bono basis or receive an honorarium of not more than £1,000 in total per year you are not required to have PII cover.  Please note that you can still be sued even if you do not charge for your advice and we recommend that you consider carefully whether you should take out cover or not.

Please note that under the CIOT and ATT PII rules you need to retain PII “run-off cover” for at least 6 years after you cease to be in practice. 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

If you only provide pro bono services, you are not considered to be in business and therefore you are not within the regulated sector for AML purposes.  As a result you do not need to be supervised.

For further guidance on AML supervision refer to the guidance here.