Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation

PCRT sets out the principles and standards of behaviour that all members and students must follow in their tax work. It has been updated making it easier to navigate with a new digital structure. This edition is effective from 1 March 2019.

PCRT now consists of the fundamental principles and the standards for tax planning and can be found here.

PCRT is supported by supplementary help sheets (which replace Parts 3 and 4 of the 2017 edition of PCRT). 

In this latest update, the fundamental principles and standards have not changed. The help sheets represent guidance designed to help members apply the Fundamental Principles and Standards in their tax work.  While not mandatory a member in a disciplinary case may be asked to explain why they did not follow the help sheet guidance.  For example, a case might be brought against a member under the fundamental principle of Integrity. As part of the investigation by the disciplinary body the member could be asked to explain why, as recommended in the ‘Dealing with errors’ help sheet, they had not advised their client to make good the tax underpayment which they had identified in the client’s tax affairs.

From 1st June 2020 PCRT is also supported by topical guidance as follows:

Topical guidance covering the application of professional standards to the provision of R&D tax credit services

PCRT Webinars

Five fundamental principles of PCRT webinar

Coronavirus related guidance

Guidance on members’ obligations in relation to the reporting of grants claims under the self-employment income support scheme.

Guidance on the treatment, and corrective action necessary, in relation to errors and tax return reporting obligations regarding the coronavirus job retention scheme.

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