Foundation Qualifications

The ATT in partnership with Tolley Exam Training are proud to be offering online Foundation Qualifications in:

  • Personal Taxation

  • Business Taxation

  • VAT Compliance

Each Qualification is split into four modules of learning and testing. You can work through these at your own pace. Once you have passed the four modules you then have to complete the Final Certificate Examination.

Registration Process and Fees

You will have to follow these steps to complete the Foundation Qualification:

  1. You must first register as a Foundation student here.  The cost of this is £50.
  2. Once you have registered on the link above, you can then purchase the materials from Tolley Exam Training.
  3.  You then sit the modules on-screen with Tolley Exam Training.
  4. When you have passed all the modules with Tolley Exam Training, you must then register to sit the Final Certificate Examination here.  The cost of this is £100.
  5. You then sit your Final Certificate Examination with Tolley Exam Training.

Once you have passed your Final Certificate Examination, the ATT will automatically send your Foundation certificate.

Please note that the above fees are applicable per Foundation qualification and the name on your certificate will be the name you entered upon registering in Step 1 above.  If you have entered your details incorrectly, the ATT reserves the right to charge an additional £50 if you request a replacement certificate (plus postage and packaging if the certificate needs to be sent to an address outside the United Kingdom).


The materials are only available from Tolley Exam Training. For information about the cost of materials, please click here.  

The online Foundation Qualifications are ideal for those that:

Work in tax:

  • Invest in junior members of staff to extend their knowledge and broaden the work they can do, knowing that the Qualification will be of the high standard set by the ATT.
  • Bookkeepers and other professional staff providing tax services. 
  • Anyone looking for the first step to a formal and prestigious tax qualification, which can be furthered later with the full ATT Qualification.

Work in accountancy:

  • Accountants who wish to enable cross-department secondments to help the tax team during busy seasonal periods, thereby reducing client backlogs, improve fee recovery and improve the audit/accounts-tax handover integration or simply wish to start the move over to tax.

Work in related professions:

  • Lawyers in private client and dealing with High Net Worth Individuals can extend professional and personal knowledge to enhance advice, efficiencies or save on potential outsource costs
  • Surveyors who require an overview of tax knowledge including Capital Allowances

Subjects examined within the Foundation Qualifications include: (click on the qualification to download the information)

Foundation in Personal Taxation (FPT)

Foundation in Business Taxation (FBT)

Foundation in VAT Compliance (FVC)

If you have any queries on the content of any of the Foundation qualifications, please email examtraining [at]

How does it work?

Each Foundation Qualification is split into four manageable modules relating to that specific qualification. The qualification is studied and examined in these four distinct sections, followed by a final examination.  Tolley Online Academy provides training and the Online Exam Centre platforms allow you to work through the qualification to match your pace and other commitments that you may have.

More information?

For more information on the materials to prepare for the Foundation Qualifications, please click here.