Audit & Risk Committee

Audit & Risk Committee is a joint Committee with the Chartered Institute of Taxation. It comprises two ATT representatives (one a member of Council and the other an ATT Council nominated individual), two CIOT representatives (one a member of Council and the other a CIOT Council nominated individual) and two independent representatives.

Audit & Risk Committee is chaired by Laura Kaye Tomlinson (independent).

Other members of the Committee are:

  • Paul Aplin (CIOT)
  • Graham Batty (ATT)
  • Alyson Kimber (independent)
  • Ian Menzies-Conacher (CIOT)
  • Ralph Pettengell (ATT)

The Chairs of ATT's Finance Steering Group (David Bradshaw) and CIOT's Finance & Operations Commitee (Tracy Easman) are also invited to attend the meetings.

Senior staff from Head Office also attend:

  • Jane Ashton (Chief Executive, ATT)
  • Roz Baxter (Director of Education)
  • Karl Cerski (Chief Finance Officer)
  • John Cullinane (Head of Public Policy)
  • Linda Mensah (Financial Controller)
  • Helen Whiteman (Chief Executive, CIOT)