Apply for a grant

The Association does not make donations to funds of political parties. Under the terms of the Association's Articles of Association grants can only be made to organisations with common, parallel or releated objectives and activities (see below).

In 2019, ATT made £14,000 available aimed at funding activity contributing to ATT key aims.

We don’t expect bidders to make more than one funding application each year and will only consider additional applications in highly exceptional circumstances, for example where there is a partnership application involving two or more bidders.

We may decide to offer partial funding for some projects. Where that happens we will approach you to revise your proposals.

Our Strategic Aims

You will need to focus your planned activity very clearly on one or more of the Association’s strategic aims in order to have a chance of securing your funding requirements.  These are:

  • To advance public education in, and promote the study of, administration and practice of taxation and the principles of economic and political science in relation to taxation.
  • To achieve improvements in and the simplification of the administration and practice of taxation in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for funding from ATT you need to satisfy us that your organisation is eligible, i.e. non-governmental organisations which are value-driven and which principally reinvest their surpluses to further your aims which will be similar to those of the ATT.


2020 Grants

Organisations wishing to apply for a grant for 2020 may make their application in writing at any time during the year up to 31 August 2020.  Applications should be sent to the Chief Executive:

Jane Ashton, Association of Taxation Technicians, 30 Monck Street, London SW1P 2AP

Your application will be acknowledged on receipt and will be considered by the Finance Steering Group.  Bidders will be informed of the outcome by one calendar month after the application is received.  Late applications will only be considered if the funding has not been allocated once all bids have been considered from organisations that met the deadline of 31 August 2020.

The Application Process

Your application will need to include the following:

  1. Organisation name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Person we should contact if we need to speak to you
  5. Email Address
  6. Official Website Address
  7. The amount of funds you are asking for
  8. The name of the proposal
  9. The ATT aims you are planning to satisfy using this funding
  10. A brief explanation of the specific activities your proposals would involve, the predicted expenditure for each activity and an explanation of the costs
  11. Your planned outcomes (what you expect your activities to achieve) and how you anticipate the funding will help you achieve these outcomes
  12. How you plan to measure success
  13. Where your activities will take place (geographical area)
  14. Any other information you feel is relevant to your bid

How will we score the applications for funding?

The applications will be assessed and scored by the Finance Steering Group based on specific criteria linked directly to:-

  • ATT strategic aims
  • The number of people your proposal is likely to benefit

We will also be looking for evidence of value for money and the ability of the organisation to express very clearly how achievement of key outputs and outcomes will be delivered and demonstrated. It is essential that you are able to set out very clearly the outcomes you are looking to achieve and how they are linked to the ATT strategic aims as we will not request further information to support your application before it goes to the Finance Steering Group for consideration.

Allocation of funds

  • Funds are normally released after the relevant costs have been incurred and paid out by the organisation.
  • Once a formal offer of a grant has been made and accepted, the beneficiary organisation may apply to ATT for payment once it has incurred costs for the agreed purpose.
  • The invoice for payment will need to set out clearly;
    • what costs were incurred
    • what the costs were incurred on
    • when the costs were incurred
    • receipts where appropriate
  • ATT will consider advanced payments where a sound financial case is made for payments on that basis and where ATT considers it to be appropriate and necessary to allocate funds on that basis. Agreement of the funding arrangements will be made on completion of the bidding process.

How will we be monitoring and evaluating projects?

We will require a short report after the end of the year or the project (whichever comes first) which sets out clearly how the organisation has achieved the key outcomes and outputs identified in their bidding application.  This will be reported in the ATT Annual Report.