The Library is based at Maughan Library, King's College London. The library contains an extensive collection of tax books and journals covering UK taxation.

 The library will accept a screenshot or similar from CIOT and ATT members in lieu of them having a membership card as their proof of membership when applying for a King's ID card.

Notice to members 

Following a review of costs and use of the library services by members the CIOT has decided to no longer employ a librarian specifically to manage the Tony Arnold Library. Members’ enquiries by email or phone will be answered until 29th August 2018 when the service will cease. Members and students of CIOT and ATT will continue to have reference access to the library as previously. 

We hope you will understand the reasons for this decision, which reflects a decline in the use of the library in recent times, and the need to ensure our members’ subs are spent efficiently.

For more information email ebarklamb [at] (subject: Library)

More information about the library 

Where material is photocopied there is a charge of 25p per sheet plus VAT. Similarly, a charge of 50p plus VAT is made for faxing material. At present material cannot be sent by email. Payment may be made by cheque. You may purchase a photocopy card to use the photocopiers.

You should note that all material in the library is subject to copyright. The law of copyright restricts the amount of material which can be photocopied from any book or journal and a form will need to be signed for photocopied material supplied by the library staff.

The full catalogue of material can be viewed on the King's College website.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland have kindly agreed that any member of the ATT wherever they reside may use the services of its library in Edinburgh. Enquiries should be addressed to The Library, CA House, 21 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh EH12 5BH or by telephone on 0131 347 0135