Working Together

Working Together is a partnership between HMRC and the main professional taxation and accountancy bodies to improve all areas of HMRC operations for the benefit of HMRC, agents and their clients. It provides a forum to raise operational issues or problems that have been identified by HMRC and/or the professional bodies.

ATT Lead, Working Together initiative: Jonathan Stride - jonathan.stride [at] (Jonathan Stride)

Working Together Technical Officer: Richard Wild - rwild [at] (Richard Wild)

Issues Overview Group (IOG)

Representatives of the agent professional bodies and HMRC have established the Issues Overview Group (IOG) to ensure that systemic issues raised by the local WT groups, the professional bodies and unaffiliated agents are reviewed, resolved or escalated appropriately. 

Further details about the IOG can be found here.

Working Together Sub-Committee

Chair: Stephen Relf
Vice-Chair: Jonathan Stride
Technical Officer: Richard Wild

1. Purpose and Scope:

  • The remit of the CIOT/ATT Working Together Sub-Committee covers:
  • Systemic problems relating to HMRC systems and processes
  • Resolving problems through the HMRC Issues Overview Group (IOG)
  • Escalating key issues through the appropriate channels within HMRC
  • Input on issues that affect the day to day working of members
  • Identifying opportunities to work with HMRC to improve service to members and their clients
  • Oversee local work within Working Together groups ensuring there is uniformity

2. Membership:

The Working Together Sub-Committee includes volunteer representatives from CIOT and ATT. Volunteers can apply to join the sub-committee by completing the online form (see 4 below).

Members of the sub-committee can:

  • Input to both public consultations and private submissions to influence tax changes
  • Draft technical representations for the CIOT/ATT WT Technical sub-committee to consider submitting
  • Volunteer to attend meetings on behalf of the CIOT/ATT

The committee chair and vice-chair are normally appointed for a period of two years (extendable).
The technical officer role is provided by CIOT/ATT.

3. Meetings:

  • Meetings will usually take place quarterly, although this may be varied with the agreement of members
  • All members will be given an opportunity to suggest agenda items and the final agenda and any supporting papers will be issued at least a week in advance of meetings
  • The timing and length of meetings will be flexible, taking account of the agenda and of members’ views
  • Draft record of meetings will be issued to members within five working days of each meeting
  • The secretariat function will be provided by the WT technical officer

4. Annual Review:

These terms of reference will be reviewed annually to ensure that the purpose, scope and membership of the group remains appropriate.

See the full Terms of Reference and joining instructions for all Technical Sub-Committees here

Minutes and Action Points from the WT Sub-Committee can be accessed here:

Working together with HMRC - National who's who

Contact details for the Working Together Professional Body representatives

If you are contacting your professional body by e-mail, please make clear in the subject line of your message that your comment is about Working Together. You can also make contact via your local Working Together Group.

CIOT Stephen Relf wt [at]
ATT Jon Stride wt [at]
AAT Jeremy Nottingham wt [at]
ACCA Jason Piper jason.piper [at] 
ICAEW Caroline Miskin Caroline.miskin [at]
ICAS Charlotte Barbour tax [at]
AIA Tim Pinkney workingtogether [at]
IAB Kelly Lant kellyl [at]
CIPP   policy [at]
CIMA   prof.standards [at]
IFA   workingtogether [at]
ICPA Tony Margaritelli admin [at]
VATPG Ruth Corkin ruth.corkin [at]


CIOT and ATT Working Together Forum

The forum can be found here.