Tax Agent Strategy - CIOT/ATT comments and supplementary response

The Association and the Chartered Institute of Taxation are pleased to comment on this consultation.

The ATT and CIOT comments, sent to HMRC on 9 August 2011 and a follow up letter sent on 15 September 2011, on the HMRC consultation document: 'Establishing the future relationship between the tax agents community and HM Revenue & Customs (Tax Agent Strategy). Both joint submissions and the consultation document to which they refer are available here in Adobe (pdf) format.


The consultation sets out proposals for the future relationship between the tax agent community and HMRC. The results of the consultation will affect the future of the tax profession. The proposals include:

  • a system of enrolment - for professional tax agents;
  • ‘self-serve’ facility for enrolled agents with direct access to HMRC systems online;
  • agent self-authorisation;
  • seeing the full range of their clients’ payments and liabilities;
  • amending clients’ coding notices; and
  • an ’agent view’ formed by HMRC of each agent, which will determine how HMRC interacts with each agent.

Technical Team

15 September 2011