Signatures on form P11D(b)

HMRC has issued a statement regarding who should sign form P11D(b) following concerns raised about forms being returned by HMRC where the agent has signed the form, or a ‘stamped’ signature has been used.


A number of the members of ECF have raised concerns in the past few weeks about signatures on form P11db.

We have spoken to our colleagues and have had the following response.

‘A number of instances have been queried recently where the P11D(b) has been returned with a statement that it is an incorrect signature.

These rejections are occurring due to a more rigid adherence to the rules following the centralisation of the processing of the forms into one place.

Our guidance is that where a paper submission is made that the P11D(b) is signed by the employer, we do not accept forms where the signature is simply an agents stamp or a copy. The fact that all forms are being processed in one place has allowed us to treat employers equally and apply the rules correctly. In the past local practices were occurring that meant not everyone was being treated the same.

We will however review our guidelines in light of the number of queries received. We will consider whether it is possible to make it an acceptable practice for the 2011/12 filed forms. Guidance will be provided when a decision has been made.’

Where a customer has received a rejection letter they should contact the number provided on the letter to discuss any issues they may have, that way we can maintain continuity of response.

I would like to thank those of you who raised the issue and I am pleased that we will be reviewing the guidance for next year. I will make sure you know the result of our review.



Technical Team

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