SA filing figures

HMRC have announced the final filing results for returns submitted by the SA deadline on 31 January 2013. HMRC confirm that these are the best SA results ever. The previous highest ‘on time’ proportion was 92%, when the first ever SA returns were due back on 31 January 1998.

The results show that when HMRC develop a system, with significant input from agents, taxpayers and the software industry that works well then most people will want to use it, without needing to make it compulsory and avoiding the risk of putting significant burdens on the digitally excluded.

The statistics are:

  • Due back by 31 January 2013 – 10.34m (last year 10.45m) 
  • Received back by 31 January 2013 – 9.61m (9.45m) 
  • Filed online – 7.93m (7.65m) 
  • On time proportion – 92.9% (90.4%) 
  • On line proportion – 82.5% (80.9%) 

This achievement shows the effort put in by staff across HMRC, taxpayers and not least tax agents. It also includes resolving the short-lived difficulties with the BillPay payment channel. 

Technical Team

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