RTI and PAYE guidance

HMRC are making several changes to the RTI pages on the HMRC website over the next few months. Many of the changes are as a result of consulting the professional bodies. In addition to the changes listed below, following discussions with the agent and software community, HMRC have also agreed to update the E13 guide, which many employers and agents use as a ‘PAYE bible’, so as to provide a concise guide to PAYE under RTI.

The changes will happen in three stages:

  • From today – basic changes to the RTI homepage; 
  • Tuesday 5 February – changes to the RTI online guidance; and 
  • Beginning of April – PAYE and RTI guidance merged into one online product.

The first change has already taken place. As an interim measure, you will see that we have a re-direct on the page www.hmrc.gov.uk/rti. This redirect is only in place until the beginning of February and if you navigate to the RTI pages from the HMRC homepage, you don’t see this message.

This redesigned RTI homepage is designed to reflect the fact that reporting PAYE in real time can be very straightforward. From this page you can see that there are only a few steps to follow. There is also a link on this page to the full RTI index.

From Tuesday 5 Feb, you can expect to see:

  • RTI web pages which have been edited, revised and updated in light of extensive user testing to ensure they are clearer and easier to understand; 
  • A simplified site – with duplicated information or pages removed; 
  • Increased prominence for the software downloads page so that it is much clearer – with the list of software at the top of the page; 
  • All RTI pages will be fully searchable from anywhere on the HMRC website and Google; 
  • Working links throughout the pages; and 
  • RTI promotional slots throughout PAYE pages and on some HMRC pages.

By early April, you can expect to see:

  • A further simplified site – with Business As Usual PAYE pages and RTI PAYE pages merged; and 
  • Advert for RTI on the HMRC homepage.

We would be interested in feedback from members on the guidance and any suggestions for further improvement. Please send your comments to atttechnical [at] att.org.uk.

Technical Team

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