The Plumbers Tax Safe Plan

On 1 March 2011 HMRC announced the commencement of this plan which, although specifically targeted at plumbers, can be used by others as well, to make a full voluntary disclosure to HMRC of any irregularities in their tax affairs.

In common with the previous Off-shore Disclosure Facility and the New Disclosure Opportunity, this plan provides for a period to notify the intention to make a disclosure, up to 31 March 2011, and then a period in which to make the disclosure, up to 31 August 2011.

For full details with regard to this plan, you can download the HMRC booklet 'Plumbers Tax Safe Plan - Your guide to making a disclosure' from the HMRC website at Alternatively, a search on 'The Plumbers Tax Safe Plan' will produce various links to this plan within the HMRC website.

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