P2s available online and SA Autocoding

When HMRC decided to cease sending copy Notices of Coding to agents they promised to make these available on-line for SA taxpayers. This required an update to the HMRC system which has been carried out and full details of the new service can be found in the HMRC announcement here.

  1. SA Autocoding 
    HMRC opened the SA Autocoding interface at the end of September, in advance of the bulk of SA returns being filed. SA Autocoding allows information about non-PAYE income and deductions to flow from a Self Assessment Return with a PAYE source to the National Insurance and PAYE Service (NPS), automatically issuing updated tax codes where these are needed. Data from all 2010-11 SA returns that have been submitted since 6 April 2011 is now flowing across the interface.

    This will automatically update a customer’s tax code with information about continuing sources of income and continuing deductions from the SA Return and means that the tax code will be more up to date. Those submitting their SA Returns early will receive most benefit from a coding adjustment as the revised code will operate for a longer period. Until now we have been routinely updating tax codes when dealing with telephone calls and correspondence from customers.

    SA customers, who are also in PAYE and whose codes have been updated by the Autocoding, should have started to receive their P2 coding notices. Some customers may receive more than one if they have multiple sources of income.

  2. P2s available to view online

    Please see the attached briefing note and Q and As which explain how agents will be able to view their SA clients’ P2s on-line provided they are themselves registered for the SA for Agents online service.

 Technical Team

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