HMRC's DMB change procedures for Field Force Officer

The CIOT/ATT Working Together team has raised with HMRC’s Debt Management and Banking (DMB) team some member concerns around unannounced visits from Field Force Officers (Collectors for Debt Management). HMRC have agreed to implement some changes.

We are pleased to say that HMRC took on board the members’ concerns that Field Force Officers were turning up at clients’ door steps unannounced and their clients were unable to verify who the officer was or able to validate the amounts outstanding with the following outcome.

CIOT/ATT Working Together raised this as an issue through HMRC’s National Working Together Team and as a result Debt Management and Banking (DMB) hosted a workshop with several members of professional bodies and the following recommendations are now being implemented:

  • By August – HMRC will provide a facility for taxpayers/agents to verify the identity of the Field Force Officer 
  • By August – HMRC will provide a dedicated line for Agents to call in stress situations when the Field Force Officer is on the door step 
  • By September – Collectors will provide information for taxpayers setting out the legal rights and obligations of the taxpayer and the Field Force Collector 
  • From September onwards – Field Force officers to be issued with IT which provides them with access to up to date information

If you have any issues in connection with operation of DMB, then please send them to the CIOT/ATT at: wt [at]

Technical Team

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