HMRC weekly update - RTI, other employment taxes issues and SCP

A further informal update from HMRC regarding RTI.

Over 1 million schemes now in RTI

Over 1 million PAYE schemes have successfully started to report PAYE in real time. 

This is in line with our expectations, and we expect the number of submissions to steadily increase as more employers run their usual payroll.

This is a huge change for employers, and as you might imagine, we have identified a few issues which have been resolved quickly. We have publicised information about issues on our What’s New Internet page to ensure employers, developers and payroll professionals are kept informed.

And so far, most employers have found RTI a straightforward, quick and easy experience: 

Matthew Brown, Managing Director of professional umbrella employment provider Giant, agrees that the new system will increase accuracy and simplicity in time, and has found transition "a smooth process so far”. 

“I'm hoping that for both clients when they have submitted the final FPS for 2013/14 and seen how it all works at the year end that I can wean them off needing my services other than guidance during the year” said Yvette Lamidey from Paris & Parks.

As RTI progresses we will continue to listen to and act on feedback from our customers. This means that we are regularly updating our guidance. 

Reporting and Paying HMRC in real time: getting it right

We have produced a leaflet 'Reporting and paying HMRC in real time: getting it right', for HMRC staff to give to employers. You might find this useful as it gives an overview of getting reporting and paying PAYE in real time right. 

Real Time Information – your 2012-13 end of year report and first 2013-14 RTI report

We have issued clarification as to whether or not employers have to complete their 2012-13 end of year report before they do their first 2013-14 RTI submission.

Real Time Information and annual schemes

We have published information about the current position on processing requests for annual schemes, clarification of the requirements and operating an annual PAYE scheme in real time.

PAYE for employers - employers who were part of the RTI pilot for 2012-13 

The 2012-13 Return of Class 1A National Insurance contributions - forms P11D(b) and payslips which HMRC usually send out in April will be delayed for those employers who were part of the Real Time Information (RTI) pilot during 2012-13.

2013-14 Payment Booklet issue - delay

There has been a delay in the final issue of Employer Payment booklets for the year 2013-14. Previous guidance in What's New of 27 March to phone HMRC if booklet has not been received is updated.

Single Compliance Process: opening approach

HM Revenue & Customs has agreed to change their approach for Corporation Tax and Income Tax interventions for customers who want their authorised agent to act on their behalf.

Employer supported local bus services

We have clarified the guidance in relation to employer supported local bus services.

Correcting payroll reports misaligned with payment dates and tax periods

HM Revenue & Customs has published guidance for employers on what to do if they have been reporting payments to employees in real time which don't match with the actual date of payment or with tax periods.

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