HMRC Update - Toolkits and AAM

Please find attached two short briefing notes to advise you that:

1) We are in the process of providing updated versions of the Toolkits to help reduce errors for use with 2010-11 tax returns.

2) Our Agent Account Manager (AAM) team will soon be telephoning agents who have not registered to use the AAM service to explain the benefits registration could bring to agents and to their clients.

We also wanted to let you know that in April there was a bulk issue of R40 forms to individual customers. We are now aware of a printing error on page one of the form which showed the date as year ending 5 April 2012 rather than year ending 5 April 2011. Please be assured that HMRC will accept these completed forms as relating to tax year 2010-11 and customers should complete them with details for the current year as usual. HMRC will then log the forms with this date for the 2010-11 tax year. We apologise for any confusion this printing error may have caused.

Technical Team

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