HMRC update - student loans, the Construction Industry Scheme and statutory residence

HMRC have provided an update on repaying student loans, CIS repayments and the Tax Residence Indicator.

Student loan borrowers; repaying your loan through SA

Guidance to support the information in the SA100 tax return notes for agents completing returns with or for clients who are repaying a student loan.

CIS repayments

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have updated the leaflet that sets out how subcontractors that are limited companies should reclaim any deductions they have had taken from their payments under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). HMRC will send a copy of the leaflet to the limited company subcontractors they contact about claims for repayment of deductions through the P35 process.
Limited Company Subcontractors claiming back CIS deductions (PDF 34K)

Statutory Residence

HMRC has published the Tax Residence Indicator to help people determine their residence status for tax purposes. It is a pilot version so has limited access. Please try at a later time if you experience initial difficulties opening it.

Technical Team

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