HMRC PAYE update 120

HMRC have provided a further informal update on PAYE related matters for sharing. The update covers Real Time Information, Basic PAYE tools and Expenses and Benefits (employers).


Real Time Information

Scope expands for Real Time Information pilot - New PAYE schemes which are set up after November 2012 and existing employers who become clients of pilot software providers, bureaux or agents will be able to join the RTI pilot from November 2012.

Views sought on how to develop RTI compliance - HM Revenue & Customs has published a consultation document which aims to make PAYE reporting in real time as easy as possible for employers, whilst deterring those who deliberately try to avoid complying. Here is a link to Consultation Document itself.

PAYE for employers: Basic PAYE Tools

The latest version of HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools to help employers run their payroll systems is now available.

PAYE for employers: Expenses and Benefits - Have you filed forms P11D, P11D(b) and P9D yet? 
Send your 2011-12 forms P11D, P11D(b) and P9D as soon as they are ready. They are due by 6 July 2012 and if you miss the deadline you may receive a penalty.

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