HMRC PAYE update 117

HMRC have provided a further informal update on PAYE related matters for sharing. The update covers the HMRC tax calculator, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Company Car Tax.


'HMRC Tax Calculator

The new HMRC Tax Calculator is now available as both an online and as a mobile phone app and will enable individuals to calculate their annual and in-year Income Tax and NICs as well as providing information on how the government spends the tax collected. You can find the calculator here (click on Tax Calculator from the list of calculators shown) or via Apple Store or Google Play.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is now available to all SME customers and Individual customers nationwide. ADR provides customers with an alternative way of resolving tax disputes by using an independent facilitator, who mediates discussions between the customer and caseworker to resolve the dispute.

Company Car Tax – interim guidance for 2011-12 Forms P11D

HM Revenue & Customs has published interim guidance for employers on the completion of forms P11D where cars were provided to employees who can demonstrate that the nature of their employment creates a threat to their personal security.'

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