Debt collection visits by HMRC Field force Officers

HMRC have issued a leaflet providing information for taxpayers and their agents about what to expect when a member of HMRC visits to collect outstanding tax. The links below enable you to access the leaflet and also additional information concerning a Field Force Verification Helpline which you can call to verify the credentials of the Officer on the doorstep. This facility is something which ATT along with the other professional bodies have been requesting from HMRC for a long time.

The HMRC update begins here:

'There are some announcements regarding Debt Management & Banking on the HMRC website (What’s New 12 August): 

New safeguards for debt collection visits 

HM Revenue & Customs announces new arrangements for verifying visits to customers by Debt Management & Banking Field Force collectors.

HMRC - What to expect when we visit you

This leaflet explains what to expect if HMRC visits to collect an amount owed. There is a separate version for Scotland).

These are some of the planned improvements instigated through Joint Initiative on Service Delivery (JISD) designed to help your clients in any face to face dealings they might have with our Field Force Collectors in the future.'

Technical Team

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