Tax TV Interview – the Role of ATT Technical Officers

Have you ever wondered exactly what ATT’s technical team get up to? In December 2019, ATT technical officer Helen Thornley was interviewed by Giles Mooney of TaxTV, about the role she shares with fellow ATT technical officers Emma Rawson and Will Silsby.

The interview covers why ATT’s charitable status is important in the work that technical officers do, and the crucial importance of volunteers to the technical team. Volunteers are involved at every stage of the ATT’s work, from the Technical Steering Group who oversee the direction of the ATT’s technical work, to the day to day feedback received from members about concerns and problems they are experiencing in practice. In this context, Giles and Helen talk about the new Agent Forum and the potential benefits that it offers to agents by allowing them to alert HMRC to widespread problems.

Finally, Helen talked about some of the differences between ATT and CIOT and how her understanding of HMRC has changed since moving from working in practice to working for the ATT.

The full interview can be found here

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