Talking Points for the next 4 weeks

HMRC have asked us to draw attention to their following notice about forthcoming Talking Points meetings.

"HMRC's regular Talking Points provide ongoing information, guidance and tips to help you to understand tax issues. 

We have more Talking Points webinars coming up. There are a limited number of spaces, so save your place now.

Making Tax Digital for Business (MTD) and VAT

This session will cover information published in the MTD VAT notice, including record keeping requirements, making adjustments, what we mean by ‘digital links’ and an explanation of the ‘soft landing’.

If you are new to MTD you may want to review the Help and support for Making Tax Digital page on GOV.UK before the session.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 19 Sep‌tem‌ber 3p‌m to 4p‌m - Register now

Thu‌rsd‌ay 20 Sep‌tem‌ber 1‌1am to midday - Register now

Thu‌rsd‌ay 20 Sep‌tem‌ber 1p‌m to 2p‌m - Register now

Income from property for individual landlords – changes introduced by Finance (No 2) Act 2017

A comprehensive look at two measures introduced:

  • the cash basis will be the default basis for most property businesses that are run by individuals
  • the property allowance tax exemption of up to £1,000 a year for individuals with income from land or property.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 26 Sep‌tem‌ber 1‌1am to midday - Register now

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 26 Sep‌tem‌ber 2p‌m to 3p‌m - Register now

Agent help and support products consultation

We will be looking for your views and feedback regarding the Agent Blog, Agent Forum, Agent Podcasts and Agent Video Recordings. We will give an overview of each service, however, as we are looking for your views and feedback, we will not be able to answer questions regarding these services.

Thu‌rsd‌ay 27 Sep‌tem‌ber midday to 1p‌m - Register now    

Income from property for landlords - common themes in relation to deductions and reliefs

Concentrating on 3 areas that generate regular contact with HMRC:

  • restricting finance cost relief for individual landlords
  • replacement of domestic items relief
  • overview of what needs to be considered when deciding whether the cost of ‘repairs’ is allowable as a deduction.

Thu‌rsd‌ay 4 Oc‌to‌be‌r 1‌1am to midday - Register now

Thu‌rsd‌ay 4 Oc‌to‌be‌r 2p‌m to 3p‌m - Register now

Capital Gains Tax – Aspects of Private Residence Relief

Understanding circumstances when Private Residence Relief may apply and how the tax rules operate.

Fr‌id‌ay 5 Oc‌to‌be‌r 1‌1am to midday - Register now

If you have any questions for our subject experts, please send them to team.agentengagement [at] prior to the meeting, including the title of the meeting in the ‘Subject’ line of your email.

These interactive meetings will be run on the ‘GoToWebinar’ platform. The organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day.

Feedback received from a recent Talking Points meetings indicates that many agents would recommend them to colleagues.

If you have missed any of our earlier Talking Points meetings, you can watch the recordings here."

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