The next four weeks Agents Talking Points meetings

HMRC have asked us to draw attention to their following notice about forthcoming Talking Points meetings.

"HMRC's regular Talking Points meetings provide ongoing information, guidance and tips, helping you to understand tax issues. 

We have more Talking Points meetings on popular subjects coming up. There are a limited number of spaces, so save your place now.

Submission of SA Returns affected by Exclusions

This meeting will discuss 2016-17 SA Return online submission issues and resulting exclusions. We will explain the process for waiving the 31st October deadline and allowing paper Returns submissions.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 2‌3 Au‌gu‌st m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m - Register now

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Basics

Providing a basic overview of CIS, including registration, gross payment status, deductions, record keeping, and repayments. We will also cover reporting, including how to correct errors on returns and common errors to avoid. 

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 2‌4 Au‌gu‌st m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m - Register now

What is the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF)?

Customers have until September 2018 to use HMRC’s WDF to bring their offshore tax affairs up to date. This meeting will cover where to find guidance and support to help you make and complete a correct disclosure.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 3‌1 Au‌gu‌st m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m - Register now

Option to Tax - The once and done approach

A general overview of option to tax, explaining who can notify and how and when you can do it.  

Fr‌id‌ay 1 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m - Register now

Tax Codes and how they have changed

This meeting will explain how we have changed the way we use information to calculate tax codes. It will include how estimated pay, third party information and RTI data, is influencing codes. We will also cover coding rules and the new In Year Adjustment.

Mo‌nd‌ay 4 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r 1‌1a‌m to m‌id‌da‌y - Register now
Mo‌nd‌ay 4 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r 1p‌m to 2p‌m - Register now

Changes to Inheritance Tax

Providing an overview of recent changes to Inheritance Tax, including Residence Nil Rate Band and Transferrable Nil Rate Band.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 6 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r 1‌1a‌m to m‌id‌da‌y - Register now

The new Trusts Registration Service

This will explain how to register a new trust and how to update the registered information for existing trusts.

Fr‌id‌ay 8 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r 1‌2.3‌0p‌m to 1.3‌0p‌m - Register now

HMRC also has a Trusts & Estates toolkit to assist you with completing Trust and Estate tax returns. Different rules apply to the different types of trust, which can make a significant difference to the tax charge.

Cyber Security & Her Majesty's Government's Cyber Aware Campaign – ‘Keeping Secure Online’

Covering some of the basic and simple things you can do to keep yourself, your business and clients secure online, both at work and at home. It will introduce the Cyber Aware campaign, an overview of the threat and the UK Government and law enforcement’s wider work in this space.

Mo‌nd‌ay 1‌1 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m - Register now

Making Tax Digital for business (MTDfb) – the basics

Providing an overview of the basics of MTDfb it will include the latest information about the new phased approach - giving businesses and agents plenty of time to adapt to the changes. This is a very popular subject so we are running meetings over two days.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 1‌4 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r 1p‌m to 2p‌m - Register now    
Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 1‌4 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r 2.3‌0p‌m to 3.‌3‌0p‌m - Register now

Fr‌id‌ay 1‌5 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r 1‌0.3‌0a‌m to 1‌1.3‌0a‌m - Register now
Fr‌id‌ay 1‌5 Se‌pt‌em‌be‌r m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m - Register now

Please send any questions for our subject experts to team.agentengagement [at] before the meeting, with the title of the meeting in the ‘subject’ line of your email.

These interactive meetings run on the ‘CITRIX’ platform. The organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day. 

We also have a range of Agents Toolkits providing helpful information for you to download and use."

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