Message from the new ATT Chief Examiner

I was delighted to be appointed as the ATT Chief Examiner from September 2018. It was a busy start with final preparation for the November 2018 exams, and finalising the syllabus for 2019 exams. In early October I had my first meeting with the great team of ATT examiners, when I got to know them a little better. We have been working really well together.

I have had connections with the ATT and CIOT for many years, and was until fairly recently a CTA examiner. I have in the past lectured for tutorial bodies for ATT exams. So I have a good understanding of how we can help you by setting fair exams that a well prepared candidate can pass.

A couple of points in relation to the 2019 exams:

Paper 2 Business Taxation

  • From May 2019 ATT Paper 2 is now called ‘Business Taxation’ (previously Business Taxation & Accounting Principles). Full details of the syllabus can be found here
  • The Business Taxation elements of the syllabus are largely unchanged, except for changes to legislation. The accounting element of the syllabus has been significantly reduced as detailed on page 24 of the syllabus. The accounting element of Paper 2 will be examined in a similar manner and to a similar extent as in the other ATT certificate exams that include some accounting (Papers 3, 4 and 6).

International VAT on Papers 3 and 6

  • Due to uncertainties in relation to Brexit, for 2019 exams, the international aspects of VAT will be restricted to those relating to jurisdictions outside of the EU. This is detailed on page 3 of the syllabus.

A little later in 2019 I plan to look at the student section of the website, with the aim of keeping even more well informed about anything exam related…watch this space!

I would like to add my congratulations to all who were successful in the November 2018 exams, and to wish good luck to those preparing for exams in 2019.

Helen Stainton 

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