IHT Operational Issues update

On 12 May HMRC IHT informed us that they will no longer print and stamp the IHT421 (inheritance tax probate summary form) and return it to customers.  Instead, they will email the IHT421 directly to the HM Courts and Tribunals Service. They will let the agent or taxpayer know when they have done this either by writing, or by adding a note to the IHT calculation.

On Friday 1 May 2020 HMRC also launched a new webchat service to get help to complete the form IHT400 and schedules, and to answer other inheritance tax questions.

Further to our earlier news article on 9 April setting out that HMRC will no longer be accepting cheque payments for IHT, or making IHT repayments by cheque, HMRC have started to update various IHT forms to include space to add bank details. To date, the provision to add bank details have been added to the IHT35 and IHT100. Members should make sure that they are using the latest versions of all forms.

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