Brexit: HMRC letters to UK traders and email updates

HMRC have shared the following information with us regarding Brexit preparations.

Letter to Rest of World traders

A copy of a letter sent to 135,000 UK traders that currently trade outside of the EU and will be impacted by changes that will occur on EU Exit has been published on GOV.UK. 

This letter outlines changes to customs procedures and VAT for UK-EU trade that will happen in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal.  HMRC recommend that even traders that don’t trade with the EU read the letter carefully and act now where instructed. Even though UK customs processes for trade with the rest of the world will not change, traders may need to adapt their systems and processes.

Helping UK traders that use your services to prepare for the UK exiting the EU

In addition to this letter, HMRC have written three times to the 145,000 VAT-registered UK traders that currently only trade with the EU setting out actions they should take and the guidance and support available on GOV.UK to inform their EU Exit preparations.

HMRC will issue a further letter to UK traders that trade with the EU only shortly. They are also working closely with stakeholder and representative bodies and using a wide range of other communication channels to help these audiences in their EU Exit preparations.

HMRC have asked us to support their communications by sharing the resources available to support traders in the ‘Communications Resources’ section of their EU Exit Partnership Pack. This page includes:

  • Step-by-step guides for UK importers and exporters setting out the key actions they need to take to prepare their business.
  • Details of the latest guidance on key areas, such as how to successfully complete customs declarations and how to move goods to the EU through roll on roll off ports.
  • Links to the technical notices published in August last year.
  • Copies of the latest letters issued to UK traders to inform their EU Exit preparations.
  • Information about the further guidance and support available.

GOV.UK also includes a dedicated ‘Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU’ tool that asks businesses seven questions about the nature of the trade they carry out before presenting the relevant guidance to inform their preparations.

Letter to traders on Common Transit Convention benefits

This week HMRC will publish on GOV.UK a letter which will be issued to 750 EU only Traders (based on their volume of imports, exports and imports/exports combined). The letter outlines possible benefits to businesses under the Common Transit Convention (CTC) in the event of an EU exit no deal. Please note that the letter points to existing guidance only and does not introduce any new policies or procedures.

Keep up to date

HMRC are recommending that businesses sign up for their email update service - select ‘business help and education emails’, then ‘EU Exit’.


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