Beware HMRC phone scams

We have become aware that police are receiving a number of queries regarding calls purporting to be HMRC which demand overdue payments and threaten to report individuals to the police and court if they don’t pay immediately.

This can take various forms including a demand to attend a local store and purchase gift cards, reading the gift card number over the phone as payment.

Please be aware that HMRC will never:

  • Call to demand money immediately (without having written to you first), or
  • Use texts or emails to inform you of tax rebates or penalties, or ask for personal information.

The best advice is always to hang up on suspicious calls, and if you receive any suspicious messages:

  • Don’t open them;
  • If you do open them, don’t click on any links, open any attachments or provide any information.

For more information on HMRC phishing scams, including how to spot and report them, please see our article here.


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