Exam Focus and Skills Days

Question-based training for ATT Students

Fine tune your examination skills for key topics by getting advice from expert tutors.

The Exam Focus and Skills days will benefit you in a number of areas for the examinations because:

  • They are designed to help kickstart your revision with confidence.
  • They will cover both core and challenging areas of the syllabus for each paper.
  • You will be provided with exam standard and past exam questions.
  • The tutor will guide you through each question, showing you how to effectively identify issues and scenarios as well as assisting you to produce an exam standard answer.
  • The days are run by very experienced tutors from BPP, Kaplan Financial and Tolley Tax Training.
  • Choice of classroom-based sessions in London and webinars in Papers 1 and 2.
  • Good exam and revision technique can be the difference in passing or failing a paper.

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What previous attendees have said

  • "I couldn't have been happier with the quality of teaching, the course material and the lunch (which was excellent!). The course brought the subjects to life and I feel well prepared now." | Spring 2017
  • "[Webinar] The tutor was excellent, he presented the material clearly, offered good explanations to any queries and provided full support to all students. A very enjoyable and worthwhile experience, thank you." | Autumn 2016
  • "It is a great chance to work on similar questions to the exam and get a grasp of the topics covered." | Spring 2016